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Bragging about spending thousands of dollars on a PBX telephony system for your office or small business may make a great impression on somebody out there (probably with those who then see you as a sugar daddy to exploit) but for those in the know, you might just reek of a foolish and wasteful spending habit. Maybe flashing thousands of dollars on business protocols was part of the “old Americana” as a way to feel good about your company expansion projects. But nowadays it’s just plain “dumb de de dumb dumb”. There are countless commercial PBX telephony companies that  are eager to take all your capital and maintain that they are the one and only best solution for your small office or business. But the truth is, there are open source PBX telephony solutions that will do the same or even a superior job than the big commercial guys (with their outstretched money grubbing hands). Most businesses and small companies are manhandled out of a huge chunk of change because of pure ignorance or worse, some irrational fear that “open source” technology is inferior or unstable.

Creator Graphics wants to introduce you to an Asterisk PBX telephony open source solution that not only is very inexpensive but is also very reliable, proven, stable and even better than commercial solutions. A SOLUTION THAT JUST PLAIN ROCKS!

A Telephony System with Features that Include;

  • AsteriDex (A database Rolodex for your telephone system)
  • Asternic CDR Reports
  • Baseball Scores & Schedules
  • CallerID Superfecta (FreePBX Module adds Names to CID Numbers)
  • SIP Color Videophone Support
  • CallWho for Asterisk
  • CDR CallerID Name Support (Inbound and Outbound Calls)
  • Cepstral Text To Speech Engine
  • Digium Phone Support
  • Preconfigured Email That Works with SendMail
  • Endpoint Manager
  • ENUMPLUS (Use FreePBX to configure)
  • Unlimited Extensions (16 preconfigured with random passwords)
  • Festival Server and Festival Text To Speech for Asterisk
  • Flite TTS for Asterisk
  • FONmail
  • FreePBX Backups
  • Google Dictionary by Phone (Dial 333)
  • Google News by Phone (Dial 951)
  • Google Stocks by Phone (Dial 950)
  • Google Weather by Phone (Dial 949)
  • Google Voice (FreePBX Module)
  • Hotel-Style Wakeup Calls (FreePBX Module)
  • Incredible Backups… and Restores
  • ISN: FreeNum SIP Calling from Any Phone
  • MeetMe Conference Bridge (just dial C-O-N-F)
  • Mondo Full System Backups
  • Incredible Fax 2
  • Incremental Daily Backups
  • Munin Reports
  • NeoRouter VPN Client
  • NeoRouter VPN Server
  • NewsClips from Yahoo
  • ODBC Database Support
  • OpenFire Instant Messaging & Chat Server
  • New PBX in a Flash Registry
  • Reminders by Phone and Web
  • SAMBA Windows Networking
  • Silk Codec
  • Siren Codecs
  • SIP URI Outbound Calling (call any SIP URI worldwide for free)
  • Free Skype Inbound & Outbound Calling
  • SMS Dictator with Google Voice
  • Speech-to-Text Directory Assistance (Dial 412)
  • Stealth AutoAttendant
  • Sugar CRM
  • TeleYapper (a broadcast telephone service calling program)
  • TFTP Server
  • Tide Reports with xTide (Dial T-I-D-E)
  • Travelin’ Man 2 & 3 (Secure, remote access)
  • Trunk Lister Script
  • Trunks (Vitelity, Gtalk, SIPgate, IPkall,, and ENUM)
  • Twitter Interface (Make Free Calls and Send SMS Messages)
  • Weather by Airport Code
  • Weather by ZIP Code
  • Wolfram Alpha (knowledge base by Phone

Creator Graphics Sets You Up With A Incredible PBX system! What Is It?

Incredible PBX is a secure and feature-rich implementation of the terrific Asterisk® PBX. By rethinking the PBX security model from the ground up, Incredible PBX was engineered to provide rock-solid security while delivering the most comprehensive collection of Asterisk utilities available on the planet including free calling in the U.S. and Canada courtesy of Google Voice.

Incredible PBX 4.0 Feature Set

Here’s a sample of what awaits you: faxing, text-to-speech apps, CallerID lookups from dozens of sources, VPN support, hotel-style wakeup calls, reminder scheduling by phone and via the web, ODBC database support, an Endpoint Manager to quickly configure your phones, Skype add-on, free SIP URI and ISN/ Freenum calling worldwide, Twitter interface. And, of course, news, sports, and weather.

Incredible PBX 4.0 Design

Incredible PBX is built atop PBX in a Flash and adds close to 50 turnkey applications to an already robust VoIP PBX featuring the very latest CentOS, Asterisk 1.8, and FreePBX 2.10. Incredible PBX is designed to run on inexpensive Atom-based computers typically priced under $200 or In the Cloud  or deployed on a $35 Rasberry Pi with performance suitable for handling telecom requirements of a 25-50 person office.

Fill out the form below to see how Creator Graphics can literally save you thousands upon thousands of dollars using a proven open source telephony solution today!


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