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Looking For Freelance Work?

Tap into a Creator Graphic’s network of ¬†projects and job opportunities!
The ultimate in job freedom and flexibility!

Work on what you want, when you want and where you want to! The lifestyle of freelancers are taking off and gives unparalleled job freedom and  flexibility.

By working as a CG project freelancer (independent contractor), you can just relax and do the things you are good at and receive a paycheck for it! You don’t have to worry about customer interfacing, invoicing, or all the headache of overhead and business ownership responsibilities. You are an independent contractor and we pay you the agreed on bid price you won. The only thing you are responsible for is taking care of your income taxes from the money you receive as an independent contractor at the end of the year.
Have the surety of being paid on-time with our trusted automated system for payments.

Now you can work at home or anywhere and tap into a opportunities at Creator Graphic’s Freelance Central!

How it works:

1. Search projects on CG Freelance Central Web Page
2. Bid on a project by the project (no hourly wages)
3. We escrow money agreed upon
4. Your work commences!
5. And when you finish- Get paid!

We pay out weekly via Paypal so you can set up a FREE paypal account! Other payment options are available as well.

How much does it cost?
It’s free! No fees to bid for work, but you first need to register on the form down below and once approved, you will be given a link to access the CG Freelance Central page. There you will need to sign up as a member of our freelance team!

Freelance Application

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