Here at Creator Graphics we know that multimedia presentations are one of the most effective ways to present your company or business. The broad spectrum of visual information, through the integration of image, graphics, animation and audio, greatly increases the attractiveness of the media, and thus the interest of listeners.

An important feature of multimedia presentations is their interactivity, which allows the user to engage in direct communication, deciding on a hierarchy of information and offer upgrade, as well as participate actively in the processes of product creation and improvement.
Presentations are developed using a variety of tools such as flash, Java and web technologies, the new HTML 5 markup which displays well for Apple products and other smartphone/tablets, and of course, video and audio. These can be self displaying presentations, or built for CD and DVD distribution, or  could be an integrated part of a webpage. We can design either Keynote or Powerpoint presentations for your company with everything from the graphics, the data, video and audio…
Why Is Multimedia Presentation Important?
•    Customers voluntarily examine the message content.
•    The message is multi-stream and engages many senses simultaneously.
•    Provides interactivity – responds to user actions and choices

The benefits of a well-developed multimedia presentation:
•    absorption and media durability
•    a large amount of information along with full visualization of products
•    being cost-effective

We can bring lively and mind engaging content to any project, campaign or message you are needing to get out there.
Here are just a few examples of the types of html5 animations we can do which unlike Adobe Flash (going the way of the Dodo Bird?) can be viewed on desktops, and all mobile devices such as  the Iphone, Ipad, smart tablets, etc.

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