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Years ago self publishing a book meant a huge investment on the part of the author. The self published author would have to outsource the book formatting and interior design, the book editing, the book cover design, etc. The author would have to purchase ISBNs and register as a book publisher. Self publishing meant printing 10,000 or more books and storing them in your garage, only to run up against a stone wall of being accepted by a book distributor. Self publishing was a long road to nowhere except for the rarest of exceptions. Until now…

We want to empowers authors with the ability to publish their own books with a system that removes all the stress and hassle. All of our publishing options can include everything from editing your manuscript, total book design, ISBN, print-on-demand, fulfillment, sales and distribution. We’ve have revolutionized self publishing by providing a simple and feature-rich book publishing vehicle that gets your book in all the most important places and in the hands of readers.

Publish Your Book, Your Way

We offer the greatest exposure and reach for your book by offering all three of the important book publishing formats: Print, eBook, and Audio.

How do you envision your book publishing experience? Perhaps you see your non-fiction book on the market as a Trade Paperback with a CD in the book. Or perhaps your Fiction Book published as a trade paperback and Poetry book as an eBook or Children’s Book in Audio Book format. Just as self publishing provides many possibilities, our publishing method provides an experience that caters to you. Your book, truly published your way.

Publish with Creative Works Publishing and you’ll keep all your rights. You’ll be in control of your content and your book publishing experience while having a book publisher as a partner with you. Authors can enjoy great success with their books.

Self Publish Your Book

We make it easy to publish your book today. We will take you from writer to published author and you can enjoy the exposure and satisfaction that come with publishing your book. Contact us by phone @ 404-307-9185 or fill in the quote form below letting us know about your book aspirations. We will get right back with you on fulfilling your dream of becoming a published author! God bless you!


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